As you have doubtless seen, the MVP Top 400 patrons in your market change constantly. This dynamism occurs for a number of reasons – if you understand those reasons and drive the correct actions you can drive a lot of play!

Why players change rankings on the list

Players fall off the MVP Top 400 for many reasons, but the main ones are as follows –

  • They won! When a player wins, which typically happens one out of every four times they come to the casino, they don’t need to withdraw as much money. This can reduce their ranking on this list, but they probably still represent an important player for your casino.
  • Others played more in that month. Towards the bottom of the list, players often move in and out of the top 400. If a regular gamer goes on vacation, his or her withdrawal totals will decline but the gamer’s underlying value potential remains the same.
  • Their play trajectory declined. For whatever reason, they decided to spend less of their money on gaming and more on other activities.
  • They became a credit (marker) player or brought more of their gaming wallet to the casino as cash instead of obtaining it at the casino.
  • They shifted more of their business to a casino that is not in CSI’s dataset since that dataset includes approximately 75% of the casinos in the United States.

New players can arrive onto the MVP Top 400 for similar reasons –

  • They became less lucky and lost more.
  • They entered the market for the first time.
  • They took out a cash advance or similar high-value transaction for the first time.
  • They moved up the list because they played more that month.
  • They are less of a credit (marker) player or brought less of their gaming wallet to the casino as cash instead of obtaining it at the casino.
  • They shifted more of their business to casinos in the CSI dataset.


How to understand these changes and take advantage of the opportunities they create.

When patrons fall off the list, check with the host. If the patron has won, the casino has no action to take (except perhaps a congratulation!). If the patron’s trajectory for play has declined, the host should try to understand why. Vacations are not a big deal, but if the patron has found some other sort of competitive entertainment, that requires host and marketing effort to recover that part of the player’s wallet.

Often, new patrons represent a particularly attractive opportunity as typically 25% are not loyalty card holders. If they have recently moved to the area or just begun gaming, you have an opportunity to build a relationship with them before other casinos. If they have moved up the rankings, their status at your casino and other casinos may not yet reflect their true value. This represents an opportunity to give them the attention that loyalty systems will eventually reflect, but at a state where they may have more flexibility with regard to their casino of choice.

So, in summary, understand why patrons have moved up and down the list. Make sure that you address any play issues controllable by the casino and tackle the new patrons aggressively while your window of opportunity is open!