Thematic Aerial and Related Mobility Businesses

When we founded Volaris, we saw that by providing point-to-point, low-cost air transportation, Volaris could develop new, underserved markets and grow them dramatically.

We see next generation mobility as an extension of this journey into market growth by substituting car and truck trips with electrically powered, air trips. This growth will give new customer groups access to rapid, low cost transportation and thereby enable economic development of isolated regions, improve the availability of affordable housing, and eliminate carbon emissions. Along the way, the companies that pilot this journey will develop new technologies that will also accelerate other mobility sectors.

DiamondStream Partners looks for the rough diamonds in mobility transformation that we can help founders transform into fully cut gems. We primarily target middle-stage companies in the US, Europe and other English speaking countries that fit with our thematic focus. This includes aerospace companies, aviation related companies, hardware and software companies. By building the future, we will connect more dots and create great returns for investors.

Transformational Market Stimulation

Our unfair advantage comes from our unique expertise linking industry and business economics to stimulation strategies to grow markets.

This helps us create specialized investment theses with the potential for differentiated returns. We have theses based on the sector competitiveness vs. automobiles, need for platforms in certain elements of the advanced aerial mobility value chain, choke points in the value chain with limited competition, and defensibility based on patents and certification.

We look to place capital investments in companies whose ideas become change agents to grow entire markets.

Today and Tomorrow

We focus on companies that have solid prospects in existing markets with upside potential from new technology trends. We like to focus on investments where new technologies stimulate demand based on products that immediately offer a lower cost than their substitutes. And at the same time have a long-term upside from new use cases.