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Drill into the Diamond Mine

Success in the evolving, fact-driven business environment requires that companies explore, mine, shape and polish data into actionable insights that drive the bottom line. In this arms race, companies require a constantly changing set of capabilities, tools and partners to realize the full potential of the opportunities at hand. DiamondStream is an analytics company dedicated to helping your organization accomplish that mission. So give us a call or shoot us an email. We’d love to help you discover and extract the mother lode that awaits you in the diamond mine.

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Customer Testimonials

“DiamondStream helped us develop a strategy for how to pull our data together in a way that would drive more revenue for Carnival. They were insightful, responsive and fast. I found their assistance invaluable.”

Marty Goldman, SVP, Corporate Casino Operations, Carnival Corporation

“The CSI tools are the most direct manner to understand and quantify the value of your core, golden gaming audience and the upside within your market; and not just your geo market, but your target expansion market as well.”

Brian Bork, former CMO, Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino

“DiamondStream has been a great partner to us – they move fast and are highly responsive to our concerns. They are our first choice for help in developing business intelligence applications.”

Scott Dowty, CMO & EVP, Global Cash Access

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